NEW! Joyetech eGo-CC Smart Kit 1000mah
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To some extent, eGo-CC is an updated eGo-C, equipped with a clearomizer, the liquid volume is very clear. And it will never leak at the bottom due to the upper air inlet. The atomizer head of eGo-CC is also changeable, just as the classic eGo-C product. It is compatible with all the batteries of eGo series.

Transparent liquid window
It is named eGo-CC because it features with "changeable" atomizer head and "clear" liquid window. The transparent window is the highlight of eGo-CC. From which, the liquid volume is quite intuitive. 

Compatible with all Joye eGo series batteries
eGo series batteries have alternative capacity and can be charged on several ways, that ensures continuous working of atomizers. Besides, it is designed with high technology, including short circuit protection, over-charge and discharge protection which make it much safer in using.

Changeable atomizer head
The changeable atomizer head is the core of eGo-CC, equipped with inner ceramic base, which concentrates the calorific value in providing better vapor. Quite small and easy to replace, the atomizer head is economical
and practical. 

To fill:  Unscrew the bottom just enough to release it from the tank part. If you unscrew too much you will leave the head behind. So unscrew and pull as you go and once the bottom is removed you will see a silicone cap,  fill into the center of that cap. You will see the liquid level rise in the tank.


  • Item #: Joyetech eGo-CC Smart Kit
  • Manufacturer: JOYETECH

NEW! Joyetech eGo-CC Smart Kit 1000mah

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